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Harlow Health Centres Trust (HHCT) owns and is responsible for seven health centres in Harlow providing general practitioner (GP), dentistry, midwifery, health visitor, pharmaceutical and other specialist services. Since 1994 HHCT has undertaken a programme of the redevelopment of existing centres, providing new health facilities for the residents Harlow.  HHCT also provides grants and donations to support appropriate health and wellbeing initiatives and now has a charitable mandate to expand its operations throughout Essex and Hertfordshire.


The Trust’s corporate values are:
  • We put our social and charitable health objectives at the heart of everything we do.
  • We seek to achieve value for money by maximising the health related outcomes resulting from the resources used.
  • We work in partnership with statutory, community voluntary and private organisations to achieve improved health outcomes for local people.
  • We value and promote innovation and excellence.
  • We value and promote equality and social inclusion in service delivery, partnership working and employment.


HHCT’s mission is to provide high quality, community-based health centres and foster improved health outcomes through the targeted use of grants and donations.


This Policy sets out the Trust’s overall approach to grant funding.




The Policy is effective from 1st April 2013.  It will be reviewed every two years and amended as necessary to reflect any relevant changes in legal/regulatory requirements, changes in corporate objectives, or particular issues of local concern.




The Policy applies to all grant funding issued by HHCT from the point of implementation.


The Policy applies to all grant funding issued by HHCT from the point
of implementation
  • Making decisions about grants/grant recipients
  • Administering and monitoring grants
  • Discussing potential grant funding opportunities with external organisations or individuals.




Through the targeted use of grant funding HHCT aims to:
  • Foster improved health outcomes
  • Promote innovation and excellence in the provision of health services and delivery of health initiatives
  • Achieve value for money by maximising the health-related outcomes resulting from grants issued.


This Policy aims to:
  • Clarify HHCT’s grant funding remit, application and decision process
  • Set out clear parameters for the administration and monitoring of HHCT grant funding.




Work in partnership with NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups, local hospitals, health professionals and the voluntary sector to offer expanded facilities in the Harlow area and potentially in other areas of Essex and Hertfordshire.


The Trustees will endeavour to make themselves aware of local needs by attending health-related seminars, events and meetings and reporting back to the board.



Grant Funding Remit and Criteria

Applications for grant funding can be considered for the following purposes:
  • Supporting health initiatives
  • The purchase of equipment for health-related purposes
  • Pump priming of new health delivery services
  • Health-related education, training, or awareness-building
  • Health-related research
  • Capacity building for community and voluntary organisations delivering health-related projects.


Projects/initiatives funded must benefit the local community and be based or delivered in Essex and/or Hertfordshire. All projects/initiatives must have defined outcomes. The grant should be ring-fenced and not be used to support operational or revenue expenditure of the applying body.


Funding will usually be provided for a maximum of two years. In exceptional circumstances, a project may be funded for a longer period of time. However, all projects will be subject to outcome reviews at regular intervals.


Where grant funding is provided for the purchase of large items of equipment, HHCT reserves the right to retain ownership of those items.  Any arrangements of this nature will be set out in a written agreement before funding is issued.


HHCT reserves the right to request a set of annual accounts from applicant organisations before a decision about grant funding is made.


Any grants issued will be subject to appropriate monitoring requirements.  Further information is provided in section 9 of the Policy document.



Application Process

Enquiries and questions about grant funding must be submitted to the HHCT Operations Manager and not to individual Trustees or consultants.


Applications should be submitted using the HHCT Grant Application Form.  Exceptions will be made for genuine accessibility reasons.  Up to two additional A4 pages of information may also be submitted to support an application. 


HHCT will provide copies of the Application Form in a large print format on request.


Individual needs associated with a disability or any other protected characteristic will be taken into account when organising meetings or interviews with grant applicants and recipients.



Decision Process

Applications will be considered by the Chief Executive and the Trustees at designated Trustee meetings.  Specialist advice may also be sought from consultants or professional organisations/bodies.


Each application will be considered in relation to the remit, criteria, aims and objectives set out in this document and in HHCT’s Corporate Strategy.  Where HHCT is particularly interested in addressing a specific health issue, the details will be published on the HHCT website in advance of the closing date for applications.


Individual Trustees and HHCT employees are not permitted to agree with HHCT grant funding outside of this process.


Any potential conflicts of interests must be declared by HHCT Trustees and employees.


9 .1

Grant Administration and Monitoring

Grant administration will be conducted in line with the principles and timescales detailed throughout the Policy document.  HHCT will keep adequate records of all grant-related documentation, correspondence and monitoring information.


Grant recipients will be required to complete and submit grant monitoring returns to HHCT.  The information to be provided and the relevant timescales will be agreed in writing before a grant is issued.


The level and frequency of information required will depend on the amount of grant issued and the nature of the project or initiative funded. 


Monitoring is necessary to:
  • Ensure that funding is used as intended and in line with the proposal agreed
  • Ensure that grant funding is benefiting local communities and that this can be evidenced by grant recipients
  • Capture and learn from the health outcomes achieved
  • Ensure that value for money is being achieved in the use of grant funding
  • Ensure that projects and initiatives funded are meeting any conditions specified
  • Ensure that projects and initiatives funded are contributing to meeting the relevant health objectives.




HHCT will comply with Policy from the date specified in section 2 of the Policy document.


Any amendments to the Application Form will be posted on the HHCT website and circulated to interested parties via email or post.


A commitment to the principles and processes contained in this document is required from all HHCT employees and Trustees.


A copy of the Policy can be provided to a member of the public or an external organisation on request.




It is unlikely that any additional resources will be required to implement this Policy. 


The grant funding available in each year will be agreed by HHCT following financial and budget reviews.




The Chief Executive and the Board of Trustees have responsibility for overseeing the implementation of the Policy.


Grant applicants and recipients have responsibility for ensuring they comply with the relevant requirements set out in the Policy and for notifying HHCT of any potential issues or concerns relating to funding or projects/initiatives.



Breaches of the Policy

Any applicant found to be behaving in a manner that contradicts the principles of the Policy will be refused funding in the future.


Grant recipients that do not fulfil agreed monitoring requirements may be asked to return all or part of the grant issued.


Grant recipients found to have used grant funding for purposes other than that agreed with HHCT may be asked to return all or part of the grant issued.


Any alleged fraudulent activity may be brought to the attention of the appropriate authorities.



Monitoring and Review of the Policy

HHCT will review the Policy and the application of the Policy every two years.



Dissemination of the Policy

A copy of the Policy will be made available for all employees, Trustees and advisors / consultants involved in the grant process.


Issue of the Policy document will form part of the induction programme for new employees and Trustees.


The Policy document will be made available to partner organisations and members of the public on request.


Associated Policies and Strategies

  • The HHCT Corporate Strategy
  • The HHCT Equality Policy

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