Application Guidelines

HHCT Working to Help Promote Health

Harlow Health Centres Trust is a registered charity which owns and is responsible for seven health centres in Harlow.  The company has been established for the management and development of health centre accommodation and the advancement of primary health care and other health related provision in the district of Essex & Hertfordshire.  This can include providing grants and donations to organisations and individuals with similar aims.

From time to time the Trust may decide on a priority health issue. An application in this area will be particularly welcome and this information will be available on the Trust website.

Procedures for Applying for Grants

These pages contain the information you need to apply for a Health Centres Trust Grant as well as general information to assist you in making your application.

Please read through the pages carefully prior to completing the application form. If you require any further information or have any questions, please contact the Trust office at the address above. 


A copy of HHCT’s more detailed grant policy document is available on request.

From time to time the Trust may decide on a priority health issue. An application in this area will be particularly welcome and this information will be available on the Trust website.

What type of project does the Health Centres Trust support?

This fund has been established for the following purposes:
  • Purchase of equipment for health-related purposes
  • Pump priming of new health delivery services
  • Education and training in health matters
  • Health-related research
  • General grants for health-related purposes

The project you are undertaking should fulfil a need/provide a benefit to the local community. 

The project may be one that aims to improve the local environment whilst promoting community health or one that raises awareness of health issues.

The Trust would not normally support any project for more than 2 years.

The scheme is open to organisations and individuals within the area covered by HHCT. 

HHCT reserves the right to receive annual accounts from the applicant organisation. 

HHCT would generally expect to retain ownership of large items of equipment which would not normally exceed £100,000.

Who makes the awards?

Your application will be considered by the Trustees, who will when needed seek specialist advice and consult with other appropriate bodies.

The administration of the fund is handled by Harlow Health Centres Trust Limited.

How to apply

Your entry must be submitted on HHCT’s official application form, which can be obtained from the Trust offices. (Telephone 01279 210322)

Up to two sides of A4 supporting information may be submitted, such as plans, photographs or other visual material. Each item should be clearly marked with the name and address of the organisation involved.

Applications will not be considered for running costs such as salaries and other revenue expenses except within a fixed-term project normally not more than twenty-four months.

What happens next

Once the Harlow Health Centres Trust has considered your application, you will be advised in writing of the outcome. If you are successful, you will also be informed of when and how your award will be made.

All awards made will be strictly for the purpose(s) outlined in the application form and for no other purpose.

The decision of the Trust is final.  No correspondence will be entered into following this decision.

If necessary, the Trust may apply for additional information to support your application prior to any decision on funding.

The Trust will require progress reports following any allocation of funding.

Application forms and supporting documentation (with the exception of photographs if necessary) will not be returned.


The Trust will also on occasions make donations for health-related purposes.

The Trustees look forward to receiving your completed application

make enquiry

+44 (0) 1279 453 976

Latton Bush Centre, Southern Way, Harlow, Essex, CM18 7BL